Raphael Historic Falconry

Raphael Historic Falconry

are the longest established professional historic falconers in the UK.

The original time travelling historical falconers...industry pioneers, performers and heritage professionals since 1998 offering falconry productions of superior quality & class.

Visit the gallery which showcases the breadth of our art in glorious fashion, there is no better way to visualise what we do! And for more details "about us" read our profile. Follow the arrows in the border at the top and bottom of the page to navigate the site and click on the owl of interest!

  • Superior Quality Displays
  • Licensed Exhibitors AAL 19/00013/AW18LI
  • Multiple Historical Periods
  • Professional Mobile Service
  • More than 20 years trading!
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We are highly creative so can turn our hand to any concept. We specialise in flying birds but our performance skills mean we are capable of much more than the average falconer!

  • Live Action Interpretation
  • Immersive Narration
  • Engaging Presentations
  • Credible Re-creations
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The heritage of falconry is long and colourful which explains why we have chosen to reproduce so many different historical periods. All are faithful recreations in exacting detail and inspired execution. Read more about the periods and exciting themes that we offer from late antiquity to recent times.

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